MaaS Manifesto


1. MaaS should be the best value proposition for end users

I believe MaaS has the potential to provide easy, reliable, flexible, seamless and price-worthy door-to-door travel that supports all lifestyle requirements, providing a convenient alternative to the private use of the car. End users must be at the heart of the ecosystem. Although the core MaaS business model is based around individual customers (travellers, B2C), corporate customers can also be an important addition (companies, B2B).

2. MaaS should create benefits for the society as a whole

I believe MaaS should foster social inclusion and promote socially responsible behaviour. Social inclusion and inequality concerns need to be a fundamental part of the service for it to be socially sustainable. For governments, MaaS is the opportunity to address a wide range of policy goals from environmental sustainability, to smart mobility and integration.

3. MaaS can support more efficient business models and access to new markets

I believe MaaS can offer new sales channels and revenue growth opportunities for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, providing access to untapped customer demand and unlocking economies of scale. The vision of MaaS should be that a competitive and fair environment is set up where any mobility service provider can dynamically join a MaaS scheme if they satisfy the required regulations and technical standards.

4. MaaS relies on ICT Key Enabling Technologies to provide the basis for new business models and governance schemes

I support openness of interfaces, harmonized standards and interoperability as essential preconditions for an effective MaaS level playing field. This is key to enable multiple new business models and various governance schemes. To provide seamless, intermodal mobility services to the users, a single interface needs to be made available that combines planning, booking, ticketing and payment functions. Since access to all the providers’ APIs and data is needed for MaaS, authentication and security must be implemented. 5G allowing content and computing to be located close to end users will contribute to making services more efficient, location-based, and personalized. International roaming of services must be ensured.

5. MaaS builds on effective, massive and secure data sharing

I believe MaaS can facilitate better access and exchange of richer, more reliable and secure data on travel demand patterns and dynamics by synchronising data from the different service providers as well as the users in order to perform supply and demand optimisation activities in real time, thus simplifying trip planning and improving cost transparency. Open and interoperable mobility service providers’ APIs for data provision and access as well as sensor data from services and the infrastructure are all essential for MaaS development.

6. MaaS development requires flexible policy and updated legal and regulatory framework

I believe policy is the overarching umbrella that enables the MaaS ecosystem to operate in a fair, transparent and effective manner. Privacy and security measures must be in place to protect both the demand and supply sides. In order for the whole MaaS concept to materialise, policy, standards and regulation are needed in order to grow the market and protect the actors, both at local and international level.

7. MaaS is an ecosystem thing

I believe MaaS is an ecosystem thing in the broadest sense. To be commercially sustainable, engagement from and effective cooperation at all levels between all stakeholders in the ecosystem is needed; these include: mobility service providers, public transport operators, MaaS operators, IT system providers, cities, public authorities in general, and customers. Cross-company, cross-sector collaborations and partnerships will build the social and economic infrastructure needed for MaaS to thrive and promote a fundamental paradigm shift towards realising the vision of easy, convenient and affordable personal mobility as an alternative to privately-owned cars.

By signing this Manifesto, I declare that I share its essential vision about MaaS